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Any of the best Veronica-isms that keep the day moving. Also another way to look at it are lifestyle skills that will better outselves. 

List those great quotes that will make finals run smootherEdit

  • "It's like eating broccoli.  You finish your broccoli before you have dessert."  [unnamed student mumbles under breath, "But what if I actually like broccoli?"] 11/20/13, Master's Seminar
  • "I always serve exactly three courses when you come to my house" 
  • "I am currently looking for a THIRD writing partner" 
  • "We spend 45 minutes on me, and then 45 minutes on her"
  • "As someone who also has experienced harassment, I know that this is based on being a female. HAHA" (we all awkwardly laugh with her) 
  • "Most people have 5 minutes. 2 minutes can be too short, and most people do not have 10 minutes, grab someone for 5 minutes." 
  • "Now we all know, Beyonce is beautiful.  Beyonce in sweatpants is also beautiful.  But..... Beyonce in a ballgrown is a whole other thing!"  [enthusiastic smile, waiting for class response]
  • "Who has written a research question before?" [blank look from class] "Ok.... Who has experience writing research questions?" [more blank looks from class] [Scott almost bursts out laughing]
  • [T and V go on about their academic BFFs] "Now, do either of you [facing C and C] have similar support systems?" [C and C avoid eye contact, shrug shoulders, shake head from side to side] [class dies from laughter over C and C's unexpected responses]
  • [V hands out outline from last year's student] "Now, let me just remind you -- this is NOT an exemplar.  This is NOT an exemplar" [students look at each other, mortified] "It is a very good master's paper, but it is NOT an exemplar" [mortified students respond in laughter] "What is so funny?  I don't get it.  Sometimes what I say makes sense to me but comes off differently to students....?" [gritted teeth enthusiastic smile]
  • I used to work with undergraduates, so I know all about [insert any pop culture or school topic that has literally nothing to do with being an undergraduate]
  • [insert Master's paper example about peanut butter and/or jelly]
  • "This is just a mini-paper... your first, mini-statement as a researcher." [said to decrease anxiety, but in reality making us feel completely inconsequential]
  • "I love my jokes. They're not funny. That's why I love them!"
  • "These people argue that peanut butter jelly sandwiches are the best lunches for all elementary school children … and this is a silly example"
  • "Citation, citation, citation" 

Maker Faire or not?

*Nancyism/ Sassy - Veronica shows off her new Parisian scarf very proudly* Nancy: Don't take this the wrong way, but that looks like something you could've gotten at the Maker Faire 
  • Nancyism/ Sassy - "The principle is like a leprechaun" 
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